Youth’s “Pukaar” changed the scenario of a Public Park.

“If youth decides to bring a change than no one can stop” proved by youth of Pukaar group on this World Environment Day.


On the occasion, team members conducted cleanliness drive in Bappa Rawal Park – 4 of Sector 6 and returned its breath through plantation. Founder Bhuvnesh Ojha informed that 20 team members with 50 socially active citizens worked on park by removing the unwanted thorny bushes, garbage and planted 35 regional saplings of different species and Ayurvedic plants like Arjun, Baheda, Aavala, Mahua, Neem etc. values for healthy biodiversity in future.

DSC00338 (1)

Also colony members have decided to take care of these saplings so that they grow well and sustain till their full growth.

Member of Pukaar, Pallavi addressed everyone that due to increasing pollution and lack of awareness we are losing our healthy environment day by day leading to imbalance in climate. So its protection is our responsibility and duty.



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