Youth sets examples of honesty.

Youth sets example of honesty.

Returned bag containing cash and ornaments.

Suresh Monda a youth from Udaipur set an example of honesty after he returned a bag containing a pair of gold ear ring, Rs.1500 cash and other articles to a woman that lost it on 14th April.

The incidence occurred recently when Monda found this bag and contacted Police Constable Upendra Singh regarding that,he handed it over to the police which was later handed over to the woman that lost it.
According to the police one  Prem Bai w/o Ram Lal resident of Avri Mata Colony lost her bag at Zhamar Kotra Road following which she had informed the police about it,said police.

Monda that hails from Jharkhand and presently staying at Tulsi Nagar locality of Hiran Magri area found the bag containing the ornament and cash, but in stead of keeping it with him by setting an example of honesty Monda contacted police and informed thrm about the bag,police said.



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