World’s largest cloths donation campaign at Udaipur, more than 3 lakh articles donated from across the world.

More than 7600 donors from across the globe donated more than 3 lakhs pieces of clothing to break the world record in clothing donation on Sunday.

The previous world record was held at Dubai where the local citizens had donated 29,5122 articles of clothing in 2016.

The Campaign was flagged off by the Maharana Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar on January 15 and was ran with the help of 1700 volunteers from around the globe,it coulminated with the counting of the cloths at Hotel Shikarbadi on Sunday at .

The donations came from more than 12 countries including Australia,USA,Oman,Sri Lanka and UAE,more than 80 drop points in and outside India were setup for the campaign.

When questioned about the inspiration behind the campaign Lakhraj said” Roti Kapda and Makaan(Food,Shelter and Cloths) are considered to be the 3 most essentials of once life, there are severa government schemes focusing on Food and Shelter but we forget the clothing is equally important, it was just a begining for us, next step will be to distribute these cloths to lakhs of needy people from underserved communities of India”.

“We have had a overwhelming responce from across the world to our call to action.Breaking the record will help cement Udaipur’s name on the world map as not only city of lakes but also a city of Big Hearts”, said Lakshayraj Singh.

The campain was supported by dignitaries from across the world like Khodal Dham Trust from Gujarat, Musical Maestros Salim Saulaiman,Criketers Irfan and Yusuf Khan,non Government organisations Goonj and Clothes Box Foundation.

Besides that students from over 120 schools and 10 colleges from the country contributed their efforts in to spread the word about the campaign and to make it a sucesses.



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