World Muisc Festival concluded.

By presenting a unique blend of Jazz, Gajal, Classical and Indian folk music the Papon has spread the color of love and made the mode melodies on the night the night of Valentine’s Day while performing at ground of Railway Training School of the city.

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In the remarkable event of World Music Festival that was conceptualized by Rajiv Bhargav of SEHER and organized by Hindustan Zinc Ltd, Wonder Cement and Rajasthan Tourism Department, Papon by performed with its Band Papon and the East India Company and has presented various songs like Dum Maro Dum, The Story so Far, Barf and Dum Lagake Haisha on its last day.


In the series of world music the Mathias Duplessy of France and Mukhtiyar Ali of India has mesmerized the crowd and filled them with joy by performing a fusion of Kawali and western music on Sunday afternoon at Fatahsagar Paal. By presenting the famous compositions like ‘Padharu Mare Des’, Nipje Teen Ratan, Mukhtiyar has and Duplessy has turned the atmosphere of the area into Sufi colors.


On the other hand the Jazz fusion band ‘Itlay Meets Inida’ by performing first at the evening hypnotized the people by their magical compositions whereas later  the artists from Venezuela ,Ghana and UK together presented such a musical compositions that the Udaipur people never heard before.

On its second day the musical event that was featuring the artist from 12 different countries started with the performance of Sonam Kalra and the Sufi Gospel.



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