Woman,boyfriend, aide arrested for killing ex-boyfriend at Jaisamand.

A woman her beau and one of their aide were arrested on Saturday for allegedly killing her ex-boyfriend at Jaisamand area of Udaipur.

According to police the victim Puranmal was killed as her girlfriend Nathi Bai w/o Ghamer Lal wanted to get rid of him and marry Chatarbhuj.

She hetched a murder plan with accused Chatarbhuj and his aide Rajkamal alias Raju.

They took Puranmal at the Jaisamand lake on the pretext of consuming liqour, they offered him liqour and killed him by chopping his head off his body.

Victim Puramal’s  be- headed body was found near lake on 2nd June after which an investigation has been launched, during the investigation the police learnt that victim’s ex-girlfriend Nathi Bai is having her involvement into the matter, the investigating team round up Nathi and  her boyfreind to question them regarding the crime.

During their investigation they confessed their crime and also revealed the name of Rajkamap that was involved with them in the murder conspiracy, he was later arrested. 

The investigation also revealed that accused Nathi and the victim Puranmal were in relationship for a while but later on they got separated and Nathi got into a relationship with accused Chatrabhuj.

However the trio of accused were booked for murder and are still under interrogation, said Sp Kailash Chandra Bishnoi. 



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