Will make RNT Medical College, a Tabbacco Free Zone.


The administration of Ravindra Nath Tegore Meidcal  of Udaipur  has conducting an anti tobacco drive in the college campus since last one week.


The Principal of  the college Dr. D.P Singh  informed the media that  how in last 5 days , the people spotted smoking or chewing tobacco products inside the college premises has been penalized., he also added the purpose of penalizing them is aimed more on educating them about the ill hazards of  tobacco rather than punishing them.

On Saturday around 5 people were given Challans after they were caught smoking chewing tobacco within the college compound. RNT Medical College is the Medical College in the state that is conducting such anti tobacco drive to get the people rid of the tobacco products. The drive has been initiated on August 15 Independence day this year, various teams have been formed consisting of Doctors, Nurses, other supporting staff, the teams has pledge to make their Medical college a Tobacco Free Zone, as well as to eradicate the sell of the tobacco products In around the college premises.

The Health Education and Challan team consist of Dr. Rupa Sharma, Dr. Poonam Poswal, Harish Kumar Choubisa and Laxmi Lal Weerwal, the Media Jagruti team comprises of Dr. Goapl Bunkar and Dr. Narendra Rathode.



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