Wife, brother along with 5 other arrested for man’s murder in Udaipur

Udaipur police on Friday arrested 7 people including a woman and two brothers of a man for getting him killed by hiring contract killers  for Rs. 12.5 lakhs over an love affair.

The arrested accused includes victim’s wife, his two brothers and 4 contract killers.

The accused has been identified as Tapandas (51),Roopadas (40), Shubhal Biswas(34) residents of West Tripura,Rakesh Lohar (25),Surendra Lohar (30),Sanjay Harijan( 32) ,Ajay Yadav (25) and Jaivardhan Singh (24) all residents of Udaipur.

The incidence came to light of 16.11.20 when the Deputy Sarpunch of the Lakadwas area Gangaram Dangi has informed the police that a dead body is floating at the corner of Udaisagar lake in a plastic sack with his hands and legs tied up with rope.

The dead body was pulled out and shifted it to the mortuary, the sack was found with the dead body and few stones in it but the deceased was not identified. However an investigation was launched by the police into the matter.

Udaipur Superintendent of Police Dr. Rajeev Pachar said that it was Prahlad Singh the constable who is part of the investigating team that got a clue that the deceased 8s Utamdas a resident of who can be q resident of Tripura Agartala,His brother Tapandas got him killed with the help of 4-5 men of Udaipur by paying them 12.5 lakh rupees and now they trying to get his death certificate by showing his death due to Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Taking the matter seriously Assistant Sub Inspector Mangilal and Constable Nandkishore were sent to Assam, Guwahati through airplane.

There the cops found Tapandas who was sent to Tripura with Constable Nand Kishore for further investigation of the matter, and on his information other accused Pradeep Das amd Subhal Biswas were rounded up and are brought to Udaipur by air.

After bringing them to Udaipur they were interrogation and during the course of interrogation it was found that the deceased man Uttamdas’s wife Roopadas had extramarital affair with Uttamdas’s elder brother Tapandas following which she planned her husband’s murder and got him killed to get free from him.

To get Uttamdas killed Tapandas contacted his aide Rakesh Lohar at Udaipur and offered him Ra. 12.5 lakhs to kill Uttamdas.Tapandas to execute their plan send Uttamdas to Udaipur on name of showing some work site,Tapandas himself came to Udaipur and than he and the other accused Rakesh,Surendra, Ajay and Jaiwardhan along with the victim Uttamdas went to a wine shop in a car, they bought meat and beer and went to an isolated place where they consumed beer, there Tapandas mixed powered sleeping piles in Uttamdas’s beer, when he went in deep sleep than Jaivardhan choked him to death with the help of a belt.

Then Jaivardhan and Ajay among them took his body in there car to Udaisagar lake near Sukhanaka where they put hos deadbody a sack and dumped it into the water.

Than accused Tapandas went back to Assam where he informed Roopadas about her husband’s murder, than after 1 month they made a story of Uttamdas’s death due to Coronavirus at Udaipur.

Pachar also said that during the interrogation the accused Roopadas also revealed she wanted to get the property of her husband transferred on her name and also wanted to claim the amount of life insurance policy of her husband Uttamdas so she spread the word of his death due to Coronavirus and also tried to get his death certificate prepared with the help of accused Tapandas and other accused.



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