Viewing the increasing cases of Coronavirus Holi celebration cancelled by Maharana Mewar Charitable Foundation in Udaipur.

Concern over the increaseing toll of positive cases of Coronavirus in the state the Maharana Mewar Charitable Foundation had cancelled the Holi celebration program to held at the City Palace of Udaipur on 9th and 10th March.

The dicision was taken by the President of the Foundation and erstwhile king of Mewar dynasty Shreeji Arvind Singh Mewar on bThursday.

In a letter that has been released by Mewar on Thursday he stated that the dicision was taken taking in mind the safety of people and to spread awareness against the Coronavirus.

In his letter he also mentioned that every year tourists from various countries come to Udaipur just to witness the grand Holi celebration here at the City Palace, but this year following the seriousness of the situation it had been cancelled.

Apart from that the museum of the Palace will also remain close on the eve of Dhulandi.

In his letter Mewar also mentioned that the dicision was taken in observance to the drive of Central Government against Coronavirus.



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