Video and audio clips leaked from Jail, showing demand of bribe.
Few vidoe and audio clip which has been leaked from the Chittorgarh jail has spread a shock wave aming the jail administration as it is raisng fingers in the functioning of the jail and thus showing the grey side of it.

The video clip is showing a man at the Chittorgarh Central Jail droping currency notes inside the corridor through a metal grill, while in the audio clip another man demanding is reportedly demanding money from the relative of one od the inmate for avoiding him from work like cleaning toilets and also to give special consideration to him.

More shocking was that the person was demanding the money on the name of jail authorities.

When questioned about the entire scene the jail Superintendent reportedly said that all the charge are baseless and false.

He also said” I have informed about the video and the audio clip vut it appears that it has been made intentionally to settle personal disputes, the visiting area is under the watch of RAC jawans, an inquiry had been launched into the matter just to known who and why hqve made the video and the audio clips”.

As per the information  the video clips were made on 28th Feb and March 2nd,the sources suggested that any one can meet the prisoner on any day on the lui of the money while there is a fixed schedule of that, with the exchange of money one can choose barracks of their on choice and also can stay away from tje work like toilet cleaning and other imsulting jobs.

In the audio clips one of the inmate is demanding money from the relatives of another man Ravi Katheek who has been lodged in Chittorgarh jail few days back under the charge of bootlegging.



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