Union Minister Rajnath Singh inaugrates Mega fest on 601 Birthday of Maharana Kumbha the king of Mewar at Rajsamand.

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh inaugrated the Mewar Mahakumbh on Sunday,a mega festival organised on the eve of 601 Birthday of Maharana Kumbha at Udaipur’s Rajsamand district.

Speaking at  the event Singh has given a tribute to the Maharana and has announced that he will stirve to get every possible help from the Governemnt to the people Rajsmand for  their development and to construct a Maharana Kubha Memorial.

By giving the burea of his conversation with Dr. Mahesh Sharma of  Central Cultural Ministry Singh said that the Central Governemnt will also contribute towads Kumbha’s memorial in such a way that people will remeber him for ever and can get familier with the great work done by him.

He further said that the celebration of Maharana Kubha’s Birthday should not remained limited only to  Madariya village of Rajsamand but the message of Maharana Kumbha should reach every corner of Rajasthan.

He not only called him a founder of an empire but aslo but also a founder of a great culture.He said that the history of Mewar always remained inspirational for the world which do not have a word of surrender but to either victory or Martyrdom.

Singh alsl claimed that the borders of the country are safe now and no body can dare raise an eye towards it,now India has become strong  and also emerging as as country which is economicaly powerful.

Singh arrived at the Rajsamand in a helicopter where he was given a gaurd of owner, he was welcomed by MP Hari Om Rathore where as many other senior leaders of the party including State Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria,State Primary Minister Kiran Maheshwari,Rural development and Panchayati Raj Minister Rajendra Rathore were also present during the inaugral event.

On the occasion State Home Minister Kataria has also thrown some light on the prestigous history of Mewar and the sacrifices of the Maharana,he said that every body put his efforts to make the yoyng generation aware about the glory of Mewar.

Kataria said that the film Padmavati will not be released be released in Rajasthan but it should be banned in the entire country.



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