UMC launches drive against Corona, sprinkled senitizer at crowded places.

By taking a major action against the infection of Coronavirus the Udaipur  Municipal Corporation on Thursday  started a drive  for disinfection of the public  places with senitizers.

During this drive the UMC has sprinkled senitizers at crowded places of the city.
Udaipur Mayor G.S Tank told DU that during the first  day of the drive the sensitization has been done at major places like Collatorate, City Railway Station, Municipality Office, District Court and Government  M.B hospital.

He further said three teams have been constituted for this work, this team is visiting the crowded places of the city and sprinkling the senitizers with pumps.

Tank added further that except this fogging will also be done at the M.B hospital as it is the  place where possibility  of infection is maximum  as huge number patients use to visit  it every day.

The drive will continue further untill every public  place, gardebs, parks, buildings will not be covered under the drive, Tank said.



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