Udaipur’s Sakka creates world’s smallest Carrom Board set,holds 52 world records on his name.

With over 52 world records under his name Udaipur’s dedicated artisian Iqbal Sakka has come up with world smallest Carrom Borad with  Carrom Coins and a Sticker.

After three days of dedication Iqbal have created the Carrom Board with 19 Carrom Coins out of which 9 are painted red and 9 are white in color and the queen is painted in red which is visibe with a help microscopic lense.

With his records registered in various books of world records including Guiness Book of World Records,Asia Book of World Records,Limca Books of World Records and India book of world record Iqbal has becomes world first person to hold 52 world records under his name.

Iqbal’s miniature carrom is made of gold anf is 1mm long and 1mm wide and weighing only 150 miligrams.

The speciality of the Iqbal’s Carrom Board is that despite of being tiny four people can play with it with a help of a niddle.

Iqbal is Internationally renowned for his unique miniature art work, his house had became a museum as many tourist visit his house to witness his miniature art work.

The 50 year old Artisian Iqbal told DU”I always wanted to do some thing different in life and for my Nation so i have started creating the miniture art pieces out of gold in the year 1984,since than i have created 52 such miniature art pieces which includes a scoor ground with players and football,a FiFA World Cup trophy,Olympic Torch,National Flag,and a Tennis Racket set”.

“When i was young a always listen about people naking different kind records in foreign countries and always think that why cant an Indian hold World Record on his name, as my father was gold smith i decided to create something unique out of gold, and it was the year 1984-85 when i had made a tiny gold chain weighing few miligrams and since i kept creating these minute art pieces and raised my country’s name” Iqbal added.



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