Udaipur police celebrates ‘Raksha Bhandan’ with students.

To show their concern towards the festival of ‘Raksha Bandhan’ officials of Udaipur police department on Sunday.

The Officers renewed their pledge to serve the society espacially the intrest of girls and women.

On the occasion students of various schools and colleges celebrated the day with the officers of Udaipur police department at reseve police line and had tied Rakhis to them.

Adressing thr crowd SP Kunwar Rastradeep said”There are two agencies in the country that works for the safety of the people, one is army that provides safeguard the borders of the country and other one is police that always strive to give a safe enviornment to the citizens in the respected cities”.

He further added that by celebrating Raksha Bandhan they want to give a message that police os there for the safety of tge people and we very well understsand are responsibities towards them,we want convey the message that there is no need to have for police.

Sp was accompained by Additional Sp Brijesh Soni,Deputy Sps and SHOs of various police stations.

Besides that the festival of Raksha Bandhan was also celebrated at Udaipur Central Jail where sisters of the prisoners tied rakhis to them.



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