Udaipur obsereved Nirjala Ekadashi with joy, fly kites,offered prayers to lord Jagdish.

Udaipur has observed the day of Nirjala Ekadashi with great joy and admiration on Monday.

Many rituals attached with auspicious day includes offeribg prayers at Jagdish Temple,giving alms and flying kites and doing fast since morning.

Since morning  the people staying at nearby villages came to the city to for shopping as well as to offer prayers st various temples of the city.

The people use to buy their favoute colored kites and strings and use to fly them high in tje sky.

But big kites that flew at Fateh Sagar attracted the locals as huge number of people gathered to see the gaint kites flying in the sky.

Abdu Qadir one of the international kite flyer of the city had displayed his gaint kites  including a huge white tiger,a kite highlighting a message for enviornement protection, a Human Skeleton kites to motivate people to quite smoking tabacco and 500 stars kites.

The narrow lanes of the old city area remained congested as a huge number of devottees sbd tourists both foreign and local were present on the roads and out side lord Jagdish’s Temple.



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