Udaipur Muslims will celebrates EID tomorrow.

After hours long confusion over moon sighting on Wednesday the Muslims at Udaipur decided to celebrate Eid- Ul –Fitr on Thursday July 7th. However the people of the community has kept fast on Wednesday too.


Besides Udaipur other cities of the country including Jaipur , Ajmer and Jodhpur along with the nearby districts of Udaipur like Rajsamand, Dungarpur and Salumbar will also celebrate EID together on Thursday.

Following the excitement of the festival all the people gathered of the roof of their house just to see the first sight of EID, though the people are filled with excitement on the arrival of the festival but at the same time they were sad on the departure of the auspicious month of Ramdan.

The series of EID greeting started since the people first saw the moon, the people got busy with the last time preparation of the festival.

However the people will offer the prayer of Eid- Ul- Fitr on Thurday morning after morning prayers at the mosques of their colonies whereas the Prayer of EID will be observed at the Grand Mosque (Eid Gah) Chetak circle at around 9oclock in the morning.



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