Udaipur Mob lynching case:cantaur thrashed by people on doubt of being a child thief,11 arrested, Sp made appeal to people to ignore fake information on social media.

The incidences of people being thrashed by mob on suspicion of them being a child thief is increasing these days in Udaipur.

In this series a cantaur has been caught by the mob and was beaten up on doubt of being a child thief,however police somehow managed to rescue him and shifted him to the police station, later as many aw 11 people were arrested for assualting the victim.

Later it was found that the victim came to Udaipur with his group for some work and was roaming inside the Grain Market (Krishi Mandi) on Saturday.

But to stop such incidences in Udaipur the police is taking strict actions aganist such people involved in targeting innocent people on the name of child thief.

According to police the victim Bansti a resident of Banswara came to Udaipur on Saturday morning with his group,as soon as he reached at the Savina Krishi Mandi few people spread the romours that hecis a child thief,reacting upon the romours the people present at the area nabbed him and starting beating him without informing the police, it was when the information of the incidence reached to the HiranMagri police station than a team of the police rushed to the spot and somehow managed to control the angry mob.Police had even discharged mild Lathi Charge to disperse the crowd.

Later during the investigation of the matter police learnt that the victim Bansti is neither a child thief nor he is associated with any such gang, following that now police will take strict action against those who are spreading romours and had even detained 11 people for assualting the victim.

This is to noted that this is Udaipur’s third incidence when a person is being branded as a child thief and was beaten up by people, earlier to this another man Shakir Khan a drug addict has been trashed while he was roaming in woman’,s clothes at Sukher area of Udaipur,he was also caught and was assualted by people on the suspicion of child thief.

While talking to DU victim Basanti said”I went to attain nature’s call near the Krishi Mandi,after that i was returning back my brother’s room when few people approched me and said “Are You a Child Thief i said no, but they than too attacked me and soon other people also joined them and assualted me”.
” I came to Udaipur on Friday with my group and was staying at my cousin’s house”,Basanti said.

Sp Kailash Chandra Bishnoi made an appeal.

A fake news is being circulated on Whattapp and social media – Facebook, Twitter etc regarding child abduction gangs

This fake news is creating confusion and fear amongst the public . We request the citizens not to pay attention to such fake news .



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