Udaipur gets its first plasma donner

Soon after the M.B hospital of Udaipur has got the permission from the state government for the treat the severe Coronavirus patients with help of Plasma Tharepy it has got its first plasma donor on Monday. 
Thirty year old Ronak Suhalka a resident of Savina area of the city has become the first plasma donor of Udaipur, Suhalka donated hiw plasma under the observation of the ream of doctors.
Dr.Lakhan Poswal the Principal of RNT medical college told that Sukhalka was tested positive on 2nd May, his wife along 5 other family members were also tested positive for coronavirus Covid-19, he stayed at the isolation ward of the M.B hospital till 27th May and was discharged when he got recovered. 

Sukhalka who is having his blood group as B-±ve has donated his plasma in the presence of HOD of Transfusion Medical Department Dr.Sanjay, Nodel Officer Dr.Bagchand and Dr.Suresh. 
Dr.Poswal said that after getting permission from the state government to start Plasma Therapy we earlier made an appeal to all those who got cured from the coronavirus Covid-19 virus to donate their Plasma for the treatment of the severe cases, it will also be helpful in bringing down the graph of death due to the virus, Dr.Poswal added.
The Plasma has been has donated with the help of Apheresis machine, Dr.Poswal added. 



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