Udaipur doctors removes metal key,nail cutter and other items from a man’s stomach.

 In one of the unusual case a 24 year old man was diagnosed and treated in Surgery Department of Maharana Bhupal Govt Hospital, attached to Ravindra Nath Tagore Medical College, Udaipur with more tgan 20 items including metal coins,nail cutter,ring,hairclips and hair pins.
A 24 year old patient was admitted with complaints of vomiting, abdominal pain, abdominal distention, constipation and decreased intake of food on 3rd June .

 X ray of  abdomen showed and a surprising number of  objects were seen in the abdomen. Patient was put on IV fluid and drugs for management of his abdominal condition. After that CT scan was done to confirm the presence and position of the objects within intestines of the patient. This was confirmed by performing upper GI Endoscopy endoscopy procedure.

Abdominal operation called as laparotomy in medical terminology was performed on 15.06.2019.
Dr DK Sharma Head of Surgery department informed that an astonishing amount of these objects were removed one by one and in entangled masses also, much to the consternation as well as amusement of the operating team and support staff. Most of the objects were found in stomach, some small objects like coins,pins  had reached the large bowel.

 To the further surprise of doctors, stomach and intestines of the patient were not damaged by these sharp articles except only a small ulcer in the stomach. Doctors retrieved around different articles numbering 70 to 80 different articles like keys, nail cutter, chillums, wooden beads,pins, hair clips, small glass peices, etc. from the stomach and large intestine of the patient during abdominal surgery,Sharma added.

The patient might have some psychiatric illness or addiction, leading to ingestion of inedible objects. It was an exceptional case.Surgical Team- Dr. DK Sharma (Professor) , Dr. Atul Ameta (Assistant Professor), and Dr. Saurabh (resident Doctor).Patient is recovering well post operatively



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