Udaipur administration launches 10 days coronavirus awareness program.

Amid the nation wide protest against china amd boycott of the chinese products one Gajendra Singh Rajawat has registered his anger against the country by crushing his chinese smart phone with a metal grinder whose videos went viral social media on Friday. 
Gajendra has earlier posted against China on his social media handle following which few of his friends asked him protest against the country by boycotting chinese products not just by written a post on social media 
Motivated with the suggestions Gajendra on Friday took a triditional manual grinder, put his chiense smart phone into it and crushed it with a metal bar.
In a message to the people of the country Rajawat said’ I want to say that our ancestors has showed their courage, sacrifice and for the country and this our responsibility that tough we cannot go the border to fight the enemy but we can protest against the enemy and terrorism even by staying at  home, the bravery that our ansectors have showed at the time of War of Haldhi Ghati our soldiers have showed the same bravery here at Galvan Valley and if we got a chance to go there are there in their support,  not only mobile we are ready sacrifice our lives for the nation’.
Indians have called for boycott of chinese products and the Indian Government also pledged to stop investment and to increase the teriffs after the war which resulted in the death of 20 Indian soldiers and 76 got injured. 
The boycott of chiense products, technology and investment has been increasing across the county since than and so as the people of Udaipur. 
Amid that by taking a step ahead Rajawat a local business man steps an example by sacrificing his smart phone only as it was made by a chiense company.



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