Udaipur administration along with Narayan Sewa Sansthan launches drive against malnutrition.

Udaipur Administration and Narayan Sewa Santhan toghter launched ‘Ku Pushan se Jang Pushtik Ahar ke Sang’ a drive against malnutrition on Saturday to eradicate malnutrition by providing them nutiricous food.

The President of Narayan Sewa Sansthan Prashant Agerwal said under the two day drive more than 800 tribal children their mothers and other relatives affected by malnutrition will be provided nutricious food containing multi-vitamins.

District Collector Anandi flagged off the drive frim collectorate on Saturday morning, various teams containing as many as 70 volunteers headed towards nearby villages and tribal areas with the food packets and other items to be distributed.

On the first day of the drive more than 130 familes were provided the kits containing multi-vitamins, grosary items for 15 days, 10 kilgrams of flour, 2 kilograms of Pulses,2 kilograms of rice,2 kilograms of sugar and 2 kilograms of Salt, 1 kilograms of Soyabean oil and few biscuits.

Agerwal further said that under this drive children ageing upto 5 years their mothers,pregnant women and their relatives were selected by the team doctors on the recommendation district collector Anandi and a special group of vouleenters from Narayan Sewa Sansthan will take care of the these selected people.

The drive will be headed by the director of Narayan Sewa Sathan Vandana Agerwal.

On its second that the packets of nutricious food and other items will be distributed at Bekria, Badlu, Delmaria, Magwaas, Bicchiwara, Sayra, Ambiwara, Kajuria, Panarwa, Ambasa, Mamor, Badli, and Wagavat villages of Kotra Panchayat Samiti among 750 effected people,Agerwal added.

Under the drive informed that people will be educated about the ill-effects of malnutrition with the help of palys, discussions and also with the help of posters,banners and sign bords,Agerwal added.



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