Two Men sustained bullet injuries, as goons open fire at them at Kunjarwari.

Two people sustained bullet injuries after several round fired at Community Hall located at Kunjarwari area of the city on Tuesday night.

It was during a condolence meeting held at the Community Hall of Kunjarwari when Saddam Alias Kakroli and Mujjafar Alias Goga two local goons and members of Imran Kunjara gang opened fire at crowd and left two people injured, they fired four rounds out of which two were missed while two other left the victims injured.

The victims were identified as Mehmood (38) and Saeed (35) residents of Chukla Bazar area of Kunjarwari.

Mehmood is an auto rickshaw driver whereas Saeed is a vegetable vendor.

Younus one of the relatives of the victim Mehmood informed” It was the condolence meeting of one of my uncle who passed away two days back due to cardiac arrest, me and tens of people of our society were having dinner at function , when suddenly the two accused came at the scene on a motor bike, they came their to threat Iqbal alias Wiper who was present at the function, the accused duo is having a prolonged dispute with Iqbal, in an attempt to threat him at first they opened an air fire but later when the crowd tried to caught hold of them they opened fire at them during which Mehmood and Saeed got injured”.

The attack was an out come of dispute between Iqbal Alais Wiper and Imran Kunjara as both are notrious criminals and often use to have clashes between them, both the victims do not have any connection with the attack but they unfortunately got injured, claimed Younus.

Both the accused some how managed to fled the scene but during the scuffle which had with the people on the scene they left their motor bike which was later set on fire by the crowd.
However later a team of Dhan Mandi police station rushed to scene and initiated the investigation of the matter, the police team has seized two bullets and the motor bike of the accused from scene, where as the hunt of the accused is still on.



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