Two fake call centres duping foreign nationals on the of cheap loans busted in Udaipur, more than 25 people arrested.

The Udaipur  police  have busted  2fake call centre rackets and arrested more than 30 people including 2 women involved in duping foreign nationals on the pretext of cheap loans and threating them for non payment of intrest.

In first incidence a racket was busted at Orbit Mall located at Sector.14 area of tge city arrested 23 people from it.

The racket is involved in luring the clients at USA on the name of cheap loan offera and threatung them later for non payment of intrest and taxes, said Sp Udaipur  Kailash Chandra Bishnoi.

The police has recovered  37 computers, cpus, mouses,CPUs, a car and Rs.2.09 lakhs in cash from them.

The investigation revealed that the accused arrested are all well qualified, they speak enligh in american accents and dupe american nationals either on the name of loan offer or by threatening them by posing as Income Tax Officers and extracting money from them.

The accused confessed that they use to make calls through net calling system, they using contact numbers of the clients from Google White list pages, the money for processing charges were received in Google Pay account and than received in Indian currency through Havala network, added Boshnoi.

Panchwati area.

They also uses voiceovers, scripts and good English talking skills to lure the American clients and use to make calls using net calling softwares.

In another similar incidence police  has busted a racket of fake call centre at Panchwati area and hasarrested 11 people from it,13 laptops, Rs.67000 cash and few other equipments were seized from them.
At both the places the accused have well equipped and well furnished setups with huge LED screens displaying their scripts that they have to follow while talking to the American Nationals.

Those arrested  in the raid at Sector.14 area hails from Ahmedabad, Noida, Ghandhi Nagar and Gurgaon, while those arrested by the police from Panchwati area are residents of Delhi, Naguar, Himmat Nagar,Abu Road and Ahmedabad.

The teams that tookout the raids includes police officials from Hiran Magri and Hathipol police stations and were formed under the directions of Adsp Head Quarter Anant Kumar and Adsp City Gopal Swaroop Mewara, all the arrested accused are booked under provisions of IT act and online fraud and all are still under course of police interrogation, said Bishnoi.

Notably this is not the first incidence  where such fake call centres were busted in Udaipur, earlier also such rackets involved in duoing foreign nationals were busted, but one surprising fact is that all the accused are from some other citys and no one hails from Udaipur, this highlights that somewhere Udaipur is becoming a hub of online fraud for people coming from outside.



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