Two detained for man handleing Home Guard at MB Hospital.

Two men were detained by the Udaipur police on Tuesday morning after a duo of home guards had filled a complaint against them for beating them at the Trauma Center of MB hospital when not allowed to enter the ward.

Home Guard

On the other hand the detained men are claiming that they were framed by the home guards as they not even touched them and even the guards had misbehaved with them.
The scene occurred on Tuesday morning at 10 when the two relatives of a patient of Trauma Center want to go inside the ward to meet their man, but as soon as they reached near the gate they  were stopped by the  home guards Yogendra Singh and Devi Singh that were standing at the gate of the Center, later the they had  an argument with the home guards and a huge number of people gathered on the spot and started shouting on the two guards for not letting them go inside the ward.
Few minutes later the scene got tensed and somebody from the crowd has targeted the guards, said the accused  Panna Lal and Yogesh.
This is considerable that one Narayan Lal Lohar of Vallabh Nagar was admitted to the ward with severe wounds on Sunday after he met with an accident, on Tuesday morning when his relatives Panna Lal and Yogesh came to meet him at the Center they were stopped by the home guards and after that scene ignited between them.

Upon getting the information of the Incidence a team cops from the hospital chowki rushed to the scene and controlled the situation and later detained Yogesh and Panna Lal for allegedly creating nuisance at the hospital premises and has also beaten the two home guards.



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