Tractor running on railway tracks to supply raw material during gauge conversion work, amazes the locals.

The make shift techniques are used in India on a large scale and with the help of these techniques major work can be done easily, quickly  and on a low cost. 

At various places these make shifter has gained a huge success and hae become a part of big projects.In this the railway department had also moved towards the use of make shifters in laying the gauge.however here the department is using the makeshifter in transporting the raw material.

It is at Udaipur’s mavli junction where yhe company which is laying the railway track under the work of gauge conversion is using a modified tractor for transportation of raw matrial, this specially designed tractor is running on the railway tracks and had become talk of the town and huge number of people has gathered to see it running on the tracks.

The gauge conversion work is going on at Chito Sadri area of Mavli Junction and to coverage the gap which has been created die to lockdown the company came up with a make shift technique, the raw material had be transported to the areas where the work of gauge conversion is going on, and save time, energy and cost the company took up to the idea of the make shifter tractor.

The rubber tyres of the tractor haw been replaced with the metal wheels which can easily run on the railway tracks.

The tractor is also being installed with a trolly behind it just to carry the raw material in it.The decision waw taken as during the work of gauge conversion there are places lying in jungles and it is difficult for any vehicle to deliver the raw material there, seeing that the company decided to modify the tractor so that it can deliver the raw material even in these areas.

However the locals are amazed to see a tractor runing on railway track and when ever they saw it crossing their area they gathered in a huge number just to have a glance of it.



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