Tigress Damini killed by another tiger Kumar at Sajjangarh Biological Park.

In a schoking incidence a tigress has been killed in an attack by one of the male tiger here on Thursday afternoon at Sajjangarh Biological Park of Udaipur. 

According to District Forest Officer (DFO) Shaiten Singh Dewra The incidence occurred  on Thuraday when a 12 year old tiger Kumar barcked into the adjoining enclosure by breaking an iron grill their enclosures and attacked a 15 year old tigress Damini and chocked her to death. 

Damini sustained injuries on her neck,face and other parts of the body due to which she sccummbed to death,Dewra added.
However the situation was somehow brought under control and the dead body of deceased tigress was shifted to Vaterenary hospital of Udaipur for postmortem.

As per Dewra Damini was brought to Sajjangarh Biological Park in 2015 from Rajiv Gandhi Zoo of Pune while Kumar was brought to the Park in 2017 from Pilikula Biological Park  Mangalore in Karnataka. 



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