Three arrested for brandind, parading a man in woman clothes,shaving off his head and beard partially in Rajsamand.

Three people has been arrested by Rajsamand district for branding a man, shaving off his beard particially and parading him in woman clothes ar Deogarh area of the district on Wednesday. 

The victim man was  beaten, tortured, branded and paraded in the village wearing woman clothes at Drogarh over a lover affair with a woman, but the woman with whom he had the alleged relationship also perticipated in his trail with other people and made him wear garlands of shoes.

The entire incidence came to light after the video  of the act went viral on social media  on Tuesday, police has so far arrested 3 people  in connection with the incidence but the victim man Dilip Nath who went missing after the incidence ia still not found.

The station house officer of Amet police station told that both the parties belongs to Kalbeliya community,he further said that a case has been registered against the culprits upon receving a written complaint from the victim’s relative and the investigation is on, the trio of accused that were arrested  are also being questioned in relation to the inhuman incidence. 

As per the report the relatives of the victim claimed that he was been abducted by 7 people  including Bheekh Nath, Pokhar Nath, Ladhu Nath, Shankar Nath, Kamnath and Prabhu Nath.

The report also claimed  that he was being kept hostage, beaten up, branded with hot iron rod and his head and beard was shaved off partially.They paraded him in the area in woman cloth and even made videos of the entire incident.

However the police  is low in a lookout for the victim Dilip and also putting efforts to arrest the other accused, said SHO.



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