The real reserve bank is ground water: Water Man Rajendra Singh.

The Water Man of India Rajendra Singh inaugrated a water conservation Anroid Application ‘My Well’ along with a book related to ground water management during his visit to Udaipur on Friday.

The book inuagrated by Singh like Hamara Bhujal,Bhujal Kahaniyan and Marvi Shudh Nishkarsh displays contribution of  more than 32 Scientists and 36 Village Scientists that they have given by providing various methods and resources of ground water conservation.

On this occasion Singh said that the experiment that started at Udaipur has now been adobted by places in the country including Jharkhand,Maharastra,Karnataka,Andhra Pradesh,Telengana,Oddisha and even places at South Africa.

By showing concern on the present senario Singh said that it is time when government should constitute a Water Protection Act in the country, he also said that the real  reserve bank of the country is ground water.Still there are places in the country that are lacking ample amount of drinking water and are drinking polluted water, following that the industries dealing in water are taking their advantage.This us sign of danger for the future of ground water. 

He said that with the contribution of Village Groups in ground water conservation it has now become easy to make people understand about the use of ground water, its demand and consumption and effects of its scarcity on education.

Basant Maheshwari the one who is working for water literacy program at Udaipur’s Dharta area while talking to the gathering claimed that there us a strange relationship between level of ground water and number of girl students in the schools,due to the scarcity of ground water the number of grils students in the schools becomes less as most of the children remained busy in conservation of water,while the their number increases when the level of ground water increases.
Besides that the authors of books and water conservators like Rai Kukna and Dr.Anil Mehta also spokes about the importance of the ground water conservation during the event.

They alltogheter said that the government should include a chapter on water literacy in the syllabus for the students of 10th Class.

Ramon Megsaysay award winner Singh laid the foundation of ‘Bharat Sang’ in 1975 under which water was made available to around 1000 villages, he was akso honored with Stock Home award that is known as a noble prize for water conservation.
He uses modern ways of ancient techniques of holding rain water.



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