The 6th edition of the Global Stone Technology Forum (GSTF) held at Udaipur.

The 6th edition of the Global Stone Technology Forum (GSTF) was held at Udaipur on Thursday.

GSTF is being regularly organized by CDOS in collaboration with FICCI with q special  focus on new stone technologies and technology related issues faced by stone industry.

The stone experts that percipated in the two day international event started at the Conference Hall of the Udaipur Chamber of Commrce said that to provide indentity to the stone international level use to latest technologies is required as well as to gather information to match with the international standards.

They further said that the use of latest technologies in stone industry is also required for marble waste management and to convert best from the waste.

Along with that the experts also expressed concern by saying that the future of the stone industry could be in dark seeing the present situation and there is a need ti make some changes otherwise it would have dire consequences.

By quoting example they said the the vetrified tiles are more in use these days as they available in ready to use conditions and the consumer also prefer them more.In that situation if marble will also not be included in ready use catagory than many adverse situation will arise in future.

Beside that they have discussed various challenges faced by the stone and marble industry.

Speaking on the occasion the vice chairman of CDOS Ashok Kumar Dhot said that the organsers every year provides a platform to various experts to discuss various problems and challenges faced by them in their business and also get remedies for that.

Till now many industrialists have got solutions to their problems, Dhot added.

The CEO of Repox of Itay Mesimo Bescherimi said that in earlier the stone either break during cutting or after that due to which we cannot get more amount for that as the customers reject them seeing cracks in them or pay less amount for them.Than we developed an Air Container with the help of which we use to spray chemical on the marble block which makes it strong and avoids cracks.

With this thecnology when marble slab came forward after cutting no one judge if there were any cracks in them or not which also helped them in reducing the waste.

On Friday discussion on topics like Stone Processing, Thecnology Value Addition and Waste Utilization, Stone care and installation and Cladding will be done and a Technical and Open interaction with Architects will be held.



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