Teenager mauled by leopard at Parsad,dragged away his body,search operation is on.

The atmosphere of Parsad Village of Udaipur got tensed after a 14 year old youth was mauled to death by a leopard who later dragged his body to the forest in-front of the forest officials.

When questioned about the incidence Deputy Forest Officer Ajay Chittora told DU” The incidence took place at around 4.30 pm on Monday while the victim Shyam Lal a resident of Chanawada village of Parsad forest post area was attacked by the four legged beast and was killed on the spot,but qt that he left victim’s body and fled away some where in the forest,the information of the teenage boy spread like wild fire and soon a huge number of people gathered out side his house, police as well as forest officials also rushed to the scene, as many as 110 gaurds were deployed in the area and search operation was initiated”.

“But the situation became tense when fed with the frequent leopard human encounters the villagers staged a protest and denied to lift the body from the spot.The session to convience the villagers started later in the evening and continued till late night,it was around 1.30 am when around 20 forest officials were stationed outside victim’s house that the beast retuned back,he first attacked the forest team and dragged away the body of the deceased”,Chittora added.

“Shocked with the incidence the forest officials immediatley launched a hunt for the animal and started searching him during which the dead body of the victim was found around 150 meters from the village with some of its parts eaten”,Chittora added.

“Heavy forest as well as police force is being deployed in the area, the villagers were finally convienced over the matter of postmortem of the dead body after they were assured for compensation, the hunt for the leopard is still on”, Chittora added further.

Notably this is the second such incidence of the same area where a person was been mauled to death by a leopard with 10 days, in another incidence which took place on 24th July at Barapal area a 40 year old village was attacked and killed by a leopard while he was sleeping outside his house,angry over the incidence the villagers blocked the Highway and staged protest against the incidence.



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