Teen detained for stabbing neighbour at Eklavya Colony of Udaipur.

A 17 year old boy was detained by Ambamata police and sent to Child Rehabilitation Centre after he stabbed one of his neighbor with a knife and left him with severe abdominal injuries on Thursday night at Eklavya Colony of Udaipur.

The victim was identified as Sanjay Meena (32) a resident of Eklavya Colony of Mullatalai area of the city, the incidence occured on Thursday night when Sanjay and his brother law Jitendra who standing near a Sullabh Complex close to their house, Sanjay saw that two families living in the same area had a quarrel over an issue, it was when he jumped into the scene and tried to intervene that a 17 year old boy among those who were fighting suddenly attacked Sanjay with a knife,he stabbed him twice in his abdomin and also on his wrist,Chenaram SHO Ambamata police station told DU.

Seeing Sanjay geeting attacked his relative Jitendra who was there at the scene with him run towards him and covered him, soon other neighbours also came on the spot, meanwhile the accused fled the scene.

Profusely bleeding Sanjay was rushed to a private Hospital for treatment of his wounds, whereas the Ambamata police upon getting the information of the mishap rushed to the scene and launched an investigation of the matter and within hours detained the accused minor,Chenaram added.

Later the accused boy was booked under several charges and was sent to Rehab Centre.

Chenaram further said that the matter between the two parties ignited after they had an argument related to some girls, while members of both the parties were having a fight suddenly victim who reached on scene to stopped them from fighting was attacked.

The incidence came a day after two innocent men including an autorickshaw driver and a vegetable vendor were shot by the members of a gang during a socail function held at Kunjarwari area of Udaipur, the  matter is under investigation, no accused of firing is yet arrested.

Occuring of these sort of incidences in a city like Udaipur is some where pointing towards the deteriorating law and order situation in the city.

However the victims of both the incidences are still st hospitals and are receiving treatment.



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