Son served his father’s head with sword at Rajsamand.

In a shocking incidence which took place at Navliyagap ka Badiya Chhaplj panchayat in Rajsamand district on Monday a 35 year old man chopped off the head of his own father with a sword and axein Monday, report said.

However the reason behind the murder is yet not clear as the accused  is absconding since the incidence.

According to media reports the accused who was identified as Amraram work in a hotel at Ahmedabad and came to his house at Rajsamand on Saturday and his father wentcto pick him up at the bus stand.

He attacked his 80 year old father with the sword several times and served his head while he was sleeping  inside his room on Monday night.

The reports also suggested that neither the accused was not an alcoholic nor he was under any addiction but he was said to be under influence of tantriks.

The neighboring villagers gathered outside the victim’s house soon after they heard the screams of the family members, the accused escaped the scene before anyone can take any action.

The dead body was later shifted to the mortuary and handed over to his family members after the autopsy.



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