SOG arrests wanted inter-state bootlegger Vijay Sindhi with other criminals.

A notorious inter-state liqour smuggler and a fugitive criminal in Udaipur carrying a bounty on his head arrested by the team of Special Operation Group (SOG) on Thursday with other criminals,said Sp Kailash Chandra Bishnoi.

The accused identified as Vijay Alias Vinod Sindhi a resident of A.R Vallabh Complex of Baroda, who is having more than 3 dozen of criminal cases including murder registered on his name out of which he had been arrested under 30 cases previously and was wanted by the police of Dungarpur,Gujarat and other states in relation to the smuggling of liqour.
Others arrested with Vijay were identified as Bhanwar Lal and Amba Lal Mewara of Salumbar, Chirag Pancholi of Kherwara,Sunil Tailor of Ghansa,Sunil Kewal Ramani of Baroda and Somraj Singh of Jammu & Kashmir.

Chirag and Sunil Kewalramani were 47 cases registered against them and recently came out of Sabarmati Jail on bail,in addition to that Bhanwar Lal and Sunil Tailor are also having cases registered against them under provisions of Excise Act.

On Thursday SHO Inspector Abdul Rehman received an information that Vijay is about to meet other criminals involved in bootlegging at Ananta Resort of Udaipur, receating upon the information Rehman along with Subodh Jangid and team rushed to Ananta Resort and nabbed Vijay and his aides,Sp Bishnoi added.

Vijay has been booked under one of the cases registered against him at Dungarpur police station and was handed over to Dungarpur police while other are booked under various sections of IPC and are under interrogation,said Sp.



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