Social heros providing services to needy people during Lock Down.

Below are the people who are setting examples of Humanity in Udaipur during the coronavirus crises by helping the homeless and needy people either by providing food packets or by provdibg other basic eminities like hand senitizers and face masks.

Shoba Ranawat a government school teacher who teaches at Kundal Primary School of Udaipur is acting as a hero these, while stayung at home during the Lock Down is busy making fee of cost masks for those people eho cannot even efford to buy a mask for them and till now she has made 100 masks for such people.

The list of such heros helping the poor and the needy people includes many names,one of the name from this list is of Dr. Hanuwant Singh Rathore  who is the station house officer of Hiran Magri police station of the city, after spending day while serving his duty during the Lovk Down Singh went to the people sitting outsite shops and on footpaths to provide them with food, Singh with the hlep of his family members and neighbors distributing food packets to around 500 people each day.

While the Central and the state government and the administration is striving to fight and to defeat the Coronavirus virus amid that these heros like Sobha Ranawat and Dr.Hanuwant Singh by providing their selfless services to the needy people setting a new example of humanity in the panic like situation created by the Coronavirus in the country.



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