Smart City Project :Elderly woman dies after falling in under construction sewage plant.

The atmosphere of Jatwadi area of Udaipur got tensed on Tuesday after an elderly woman lost her life by falling into an under construction sewage plant being constructed under Smart City Project. 

The incidence occurred on Tuesday morning  at Chittore ka Timba area of Jatwari locality of Udaipur where the victim identified as Sharifan Bai (60) fell down into a under construction sewage near her house after lossing her balance.
The construction of the sewage is going on under the smart city project and the work is been alloted to L&T company.

One of the neighbor of the victim told that the victim lives alone at the house, on Tuesday morning she came out of she came out of the house and was heading towards neighbour’s house she suddenly lost her control as the road was ploughed  due to the construction work and she fell down in the sewage and went unconscious.

Seeing her falling into the sewage the neighbours rushed for help,they pulled her out and took her to the hospital and informed her relatives living at Mullatalai area,the victim succumbed to her injuries and was declared by the doctors.

Annoyed with the incidence the locals created ruckus, they called slogans against the Municipal Corporation and also blamed it for delay in work and being negligent, they staged a protest and also demanded compansation for the family members of the victim. 

Soon the Municipal Corporater of Ward.55 Mohammed Shabad along with a team of police from Ghantaghar police station and officials of L&T company rushed to the scene and somehow calmed down the situation by assuring them to get appropriate amount of compensation for the victim’s family. 

Mohammed Shadab while talking to DU said” The situation was very tensed, it was a case of negligence, the construction company has complete the work within a period of 45 days, but the work is lying pending for more than 4 months, the people arefacing problems and today an elderly woman lost her life due that, she was very poor and living alone, we are still negotiating over the amount of compensation and putting efforts to get maximum”.

When the C.O Smart City Project Qammar Choudhary was questioned about the incidence he said”It is actually not confirmed that she died due to the work of smart city project, but we are trying our level best that her family members should get a handsome amount of money as compensation as i learnt that her family is financially very weak”.



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