Sisters forced to drink acid at Vallabh Nagar by Neighbours, injured critically.

Two minor sisters were to rushed to M.B hospital on Tuesday after they were allegedly forced to drink Acid by two of their Neighbours over an old enimity between their families.

The incidence occured at Khumanpura area of Vallabh Nagar Tehsil of Udaipur at 10 am after the families one Shankar Lal Choudhary and Mohammad Ayub the two Neighbours had an argument between them, the pitty argument soon turned into a massive quarrel, but it somehow calmed when other Neighbours intervend, but the son of Shankar Lal Chen Ram and Kanta Choudhary with an intention of taking revenge from the Ayub family attacked two of her daughters one is 12 years old and another is 17 years old when both of them were alone at the house, Chen ram and Kanta first thrased the duo of sisters and later forced them to drink acid which they brought there with them,they fled the scene soon after incidence leaving the victims girls with injuries, it was when others in the area heard the screams of the victims that tjey informed thier father Ayub about the mishap,said Mohammad Sahil,victim’s brother said.

Sahil said that his mother and elder sister was at Udaipur while he and his father were out for some and two of his sisters Rajiya and Rubina were alone at the house, taking the advantage of the situation thier neighbours Chen Ram and his sister Kanta entered thier house with acid they attacked his sisters and later forced them to drink Acid, they rushed both the victims to the local hospital but were later reffered to M.B hospital for further treatment.

Later the victim’s family has also lodged an FIR with Vallabh Nagar police station after which an investigation has beem launched into the matter.

Reacting upon the incidence the Head (Sadar) of Anjuman Talemul Islam and leader of BTP Mohammed Khalil said”It was realy a shocking amd sad incidence,it is a true example of inhumanity, we need action against the culprits at the earliest, if action will not be taken soon than we will block all roads roads at Vallabh Nagar and surronding areas and the administration will be held responsobile for it”.



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