Udaipur’s Shweta Dubey first woman to walk 800 kilometers in Camino de Santiago: Interview.

With a motive to prove that in this male dominant world where men are usually believed to perform tough jobs one of the young woman of Udaipur decided to prove her metal and had become India’s first female to walk a distance of 800 kilometers during Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Shweta Dubey a 33 year old woman of Udaipur has become first Indian woman   to participate in Camino de Santiago 2017, a 800 kilometers pilgrimage walk in Spain.

Shweta a mother 2 kids had completed her journey in 30 days from St. Jean pied de port near France border to Santiago de Compostela on June 30th.

Out of hundreds of participants Shweta was the only Indian to walk the trail of the pilgrimage walk this year , but more interesting fact of Shweta’s story was that she went to Spain all alone, she left Udaipur on 28th May and started her journey on 1st June.

“It’s a journey of a very different kind, it was like a suffering, struggle testing your capabilities and you get to know that a human body is so much capable”, said Shweta.

“What ever section you choose be sure to visit the tiny village of O Cebriro,high in the mountains of Galicia,it has not more than 50 residents of pre roman round stone huts, the people carry shells were the symbol of      Camino,adorning shops,trees,guides post and pilgrims ‘back packs. During the journey i have crossed a big iron cross Crus de Ferro the highest point of the journey where the pilgrims had placed stones at the foot of that cross as a symbol of leaving their burdens behind “,Shweta added.

The Camino de Santiago also know as Way to St. James is a pilgrimage way to shrine of the apostle St. James the Great in the Chathedral of Santiago de Compostela in North Eastern Spain where the remains of the saint buried, the walk started since 13th Century. The people follow its route as a spiritual path.

“I started my journey on 1st June and had visiting 30 places including villages and towns
.I have walked about 30 kilometers a day, during my journey i got a chance to explore world a different way, it was a ever lasting and life changing experience”, Shweta told DU.



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