Shree Lakhyaraj Singh Mewar earned another World Record by planting 4035 saplings in less than a minute: Vraksh Hi Jivan initiative.

Lakhyaraj Singh Mewar the erstwhile prince on Mewar dynasty has launched a new initiative ‘Vraksh Hi Jivan Abhiyan’that has earned him another Guinness world record on his birthday on Tuesday. 
With this Mewar has become the person to have  his third world record in a period of less than 10 months.
Thousands of school students, social activists,army men along with people from various sections of the society perticipated in the launching ceremony of the Go green initiative and has together planted 4035 saplings in just 20 seconds.
Lakshraj Singh has made his record of 4035 saplings by breaking the earlier record of  2000 saplings by planting them in just 20 seconds.
Speaking on the occasion Mewar said”Our focus should always be on giving back to the society and carying the Mother Earth so as to give a better tomorrow to the generations to come give the current challenges like ecological imbalance, global warming and various other natural calamities which have resulted due to man made misadvantures.
Notably this Mewar’s third world record as ‘Vastradan’ with 3,29250 cloths was the first, and the collection of 2 tones of stationary items in just within 24 hours was his second world record.
The vision behind this Go Green initiative is for cleaner and greener tomorrow by involving more and more people in planting saplings by themselves.



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