Shopping Complex seized by UMC.

By taking a major action on Friday morning the Anti Encroachment team of Udaipur Municipal Corporation has seized the ‘Varun Bazar’ over the commercial use of the building that has its permission for residential purpose.

The number of shopkeepers who runs IMG_9131their shops in the shopping complex since last 2 years got panic after the action of U.M.C. On Friday morning the U.M.C Commissioner Siddarth Sihar reached at the shopping complex situated at Badbujja Ghati area of the city with a his team and has seized the building and placed the copy of the notice outside around 114 shops of the building.

On the other hand the shop keeper got annoyed with the sudden action of U.M.C staged a protest by claiming that the action was taken under political influence.

The protesters also claimed that more than half of the shops of the city are built illegally then why action was taken only against their building and that too after 2 years.

The complex is having around 114 shops and it’s construction was completed 2 years back and since then the shopkeepers are running their shop in there.

Mayor Chandra Singh Kothari told media that he was getting the complaints that the shopping complex Varun Bazar is illegally constructed, during the verification it was found the building is actually illegally made, upon getting it verified the building has been seized.

Rajni Dangi the former Mayor the city while talking to the media about matter said that she had also got complaints about the shopping complex and she has also intimated the concern officials to take action into the matter.




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