Shiv Sena Mewar protest against Ekta Kapoor’s web series ‘Gandi Baat-4.

Shiv Sena Mewar on Friday staged a protest against film maker Ekta Kapoor’s erotic web series Gandi Baat Season-4 for defaming Maharana Pratap’s horse Chetak and using his name objectionally.

Tens of Shiv Seniks gathered outside the Udaipur collectorate on Friday and demonstrated their anger against the film maker.They called slogans against her  and handed over a memorandum to the Additional District Magistrate (ADM) against it in the name of Information and Broadcasting Minister.

In their memorandum the Seniks mentioned that Chetak  is the loyal amd proud horse of the great king of Mewar Maharana Pratap,Chetak is respected and belive as a symbol of bravery and loyalty across the globe, insult of such a faithful horse is insult of not only Mewar but the entire India.

Using Chetak’s name objectionable manner and comparing it with one of the male part and presenting it in obsence manner is wrong and such a web series should be banned as well as its episodes should removed from the youtube.

Sudhir Sharma district president  of Shiv Sena Mewar told DU”The sentiments  of thousands of Mewaris got hurt with such an incidence, we demand strict legal action against the maker of the series and and its team, we want it to be removed”.
Sharma also said that the government  should soon look into the matter and take action or be ready for dire consequences, Ekta Kapoor should be arrested.

Erstwhile Royal of Udaipur and descendant of Maharana Pratap  Vishrajsingh Mewar when contacted said” I havnt seen the series yet but on the basis of the information i have received On the basis of what has been reported to me: Freedom, responsibility and decency go together. You cannot just use the excuse of freedom and ignore the rest –  that would amount to anarchy.Similar instances once too often. Has to be a way of stopping such instances once and for all”.



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