Shab-e Qadr observed by Muslims at Udaipur.

Shab -e Kadr (27th night of Ramadan) was observed on Saturday across Udaipur with a religious zeal where lakhs of Muslims has offered  night prayers, people offered prayers at the local and central mosques and also visited shrines situated all over the city.


Shab- e Qadr or Lailatul Qadr is one of prominent night for Muslims as Quran reveals that the prayers offered in this night would be equivalent to the prayers offered in almost one thousand years, the night which is also known as Night of Power lying within the last 10 nights of month of Ramadan, another importance of the night for the community lies in that the Holy Quran was also sent down on the earth from Looh- e- Mehfooz in this night.


Following the importance of the night the traditional   Muslims has peacefully observed the night by offering the overnight prayers and had solicits for their mistakes in front of Allah. On the eve people has decorated all the mosques and houses with bright lights and candles and also recited Quran.

At some places Mahfil e Millad was organized in that various Islamic Scholars has addressed the crowd, they highlighted the  teachings of Islam and various aspects the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW),they urges the people to follow the same in their life and to live a life as their Prophet (SAW) has led.

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