ADGP applauded Udaipur police for good work.

By making the best use of the available resources, and by deploying them on the field at time they were needed to help the common people, should be the first priority of a police man, said ADGP T.L Meena on the second of his visit to Udaipur.

Meena while addressing the media on Friday told that the performance of Udaipur is satisfactory, the efficiency level has been increased with the total control on crime and the graph of crime in the district has gone down.


During the inspection of the various areas of police department Meena has noticed a immense change, the crime has gone down under every head i.e Theft, Burglary and Property related crimes.

The crime registered under various sections of IPC has gone down by 13% whereas the property related crime has also decreased by 5.5 %. Moreover out of the total 17 incidences of Chain Snatching 15 were opened, Meena informed.

Another appreciable work was done by Udaipur police under Arms act where 54 pistols, 7 Revolver, 14 country made pistols, 5 other guns and 147 live bullets has been seized and 97 people has been arrested with that weapons in 2015. Confiscation of such big number of weapons by the police shows that they somewhere avoided severe crimes like murders and assaults from happening.


The crime against women has decreased with a difference of 312 cases as in 2014 1800 cases has been registered at various police station of the district and in 2015 number reduced to 1488. Besides that 14405 people were detained under sections 107 and 151 of Crpc last year.

On Friday ADGP Meena has inspected the Nai police station of Udaipur, there he had held a meeting of the CLG members during which he had a detailed discussion with the people on various crimes prevailing specially in the rural areas, He sought suggestion from the CLG members to deal with social evils like Muatana.

Meena has also visited the offices of Inspector Genral of Police Udaipur range and Superintendent of Police later in the afternoon to see the working  of his sub ordinates.




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