Robin Hood Army Udaipur Chapter,on a mission to eradicate hunger & malnutrition.

When the Indians will remain busy in celebrating the 70th Republic Day  on 26th January, these youths will be roaming in Udaipur with packets of food and other eatables to distribute them among the hungry people.

To consider the problems hunger these youngsters from the Udaipur Chapter of the ‘Robin Hood Army’ the volunteers of (RHA) will distribute food to tens of people.

One of the Representatives of the Robin Hood Army Udaipur Chapter said that more than 250 volunteers will distribute food to the people living in slums, orphanges,old age homes and pavements.

He further said” We also appeal to the city people to feed hungry people, share their information with our army by this any body can support our mission to eradicate  hunger and malnutrition”.

Robin Army is volunteer based non profit organisation started in the year 2014 by Neel Ghose with an idea to collect the surplus food either from Hotels,Restuarants,Parties and even from house holds and to provide that to the less fortunate section of the society, its Udaipur Chapter was started in March ,2016.

The Army in Udaipur is being looked after by Chahat Arora, he manage all the activities of the army.

Arora when questioned the working of the Army said”We worked day and night for humanity and to ensure that no one has to sleep hungry or suffer from malnutrition, the organisation also aims to eliminate food waste following which we pick surplus of food items from Hotels,Restuarants,House holds and deliver it to those who cannot efford food or sleep empty stomach at night”.

The Organisation that started in 2016 is actively working in 118 cities of India various cities of 12 other countries, it has more than 200 members in Udaipur which has succeeded in providing food to mo around 3.85 lakh people till now, Arora said.

Arora further added that in Udaipur the organisation has adopted 3 clusters  Banjara Basti at Sector-6,Thokar Circle and Orphanage located at Sector- of the Hiran Magri area.

Besides that the volunteers also educate the children living at Banjara Bastis on weekends.



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