Resident doctors suffered food poisioning after having dinner at a local restaurant.

In a shocking incidence more than 15 resident doctors of M.B Hospital is Udaipur has taken ill after consuming food in one of the restuarant of the city and were admitted to the hospital for treatment, however later they were released except few post treatment.

Dr. Lakhan Poswal the Superintendent of M.B hospital told DU ” I also learnt it on Thursday that few of my resident doctors had taken ill and suffered from food posioning since last 3-4 days,but all of them are fit now and were released from the hospital after providing them treatment and 2-3 doctors who are still there will also be released soon”.
As per Poswal the doctors have allegedly fell ill after they consumed dinner at city’s Hari Vedas restuarant located inside Celebration Mall on 25th May,on the next day suddenly few of doctors fell ill and the number of effected doctors increased gradually by the day,however all of the effected doctors are fine and no complaint is yet registered against anyone in relation to the incidence.



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