Resident docs held a “Sadbhudhi Yagya” at Udaipur.

A ‘Sadbhudhi Yagya’ was carried by the residents of Udaipur here on Saturday outside the Pannadhay hospital, the Yagya was held by the doctors in support of the protest against midterm change in examination pattern.

daily Upr.

The agitated doctors had also put down the authorities that are not allowing the them to hold a parallel OPD by claiming that it is against the interest of the patients. Beside that the protesting doctors has also got the support of the doctors association of the RNT medical college of Udaipur.

On the contrary the Government is not seems to be in a mood to give relaxation to the protesting doctors, moreover the College authorities has also warned the protesters  and asked them to leave the hostel till evening if they did not call off their strike. By such an announcement the female doctors are in tension as they are not having any other place to live other than the hostel.

According to the information there are 100 female doctors that hails from various areas of the state, in the absence of the resident doctors the senior doctors along with the newly appointed interns that are 56 in number.

The doctors when asked about the situation they claimed that everything is normal and the surgeries has been carried out normally, but huge lines of unattended patients can be easily seen at hospital that his ultimately not In favor of them.



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