Relatives claimed, they are dubbed by hospital.

The family members of a 32 year old man of Mullatalia area of the city who died few days back during treatment at one of the prominent hospital the city blamed that the cheques Rs. Lakhs that they have received as compensation from the hospital management got bounced. Moreover when they contacted the hospital about the incidence they dared them to inform the police.

The victim Shehzad (32) of Faruk-e Azam Colony of Mullatalai went to the hospital with his mother for dialysis on February 13th, but after reaching to the hospital he has been allegedly given injections and he died within few minutes.

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With an intention to hide the incidence the hospital staff has abruptly shifted his body no ventilator but the situation for tensed after a huge number of his relatives and friends gathered outside the hospital condemning the incidence. Later the hospital staff accepted their negligence and after hours of discussion they have given 2 cheques each of Rs 5 lakhs to Shehzad’s family as compensation.

But the waves of shock prevailed among the relatives of the deceased man when both the cheques got bounced, the annoyed relatives of Shehzad immediately intimated the hospital management about the incidence they said that it might be a technical fault as they did not have much information about the incidence, said Saeed, brother of Shehzad.

Shehzad works at a Car Decor Shop with his brother and was a father of 2 daughters, he was diagnosed with the kidney failure a year back and his kidney transplantation operation is scheduled on February 22nd a Ahmadabad, Shehzad was going for dialysis twice in a week, on February 13th his father went to Ahmadabad to talk the doctors about his operation whereas Shehzad himself came to the hospital on his bike and his mother was with him, but due to negligence he died and the hospital staff dubbed his family on the name of compensation, Saeed added.
They family members will now meet the administrative officer in connection to incidence and will sought for a solution, Saeed Informed.



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