Rahul blames BJP for injustice, says congress will do justice,promises to give jobs.

While adressing a Public Meeting at Beneshwar the Congress President Rahul Gandhi blamed BJP government by saying that from 5 years 15 to 20 influential and wealthy are regulating the government, when they came they said that would deposit ₹15 lakhs in everybody’s account,would provide jobs to Youth, would get best prices to the farmers,but 5 years has passed but not evena single promise was fulfilled,they have waived off the loans of Rs 5.5 lakh crores of 15 influential person.
Earlier you people were getting MNREGA but the BJP government has also stopped that,by doing so they have done unjustice with you and poor people and the tribal people of the country,and congress party wants do justice with people, i belive that Mr.Narendra has caused losses majorliy to the Adivasis (tribal) of the country wuthun last 5 years,if last 5 years the you has faced unjustice and in last 5 years you will face justice, what they have snatched from yours pockets in last 5 years me and Congress party will put more than that back in your pockets”,said Gandhi.
Rahul highlighted that PM Narendra Modi promised to give ₹15 lakhs to every citizen of the country but no body has received the said amount in thier bank accounts yet,whey? Becoz the ‘Chokidar chor hai’ gaurd himself is a thief,considering that i recently called a meeting of the Congress party’s Economists anx senior leaders asking them to give me number of the amount that the Congress would provide to all poor people of the country every month if it contitue its government in 2019, and after working on that for more than 2 months they came up with a figure Rs.72000 as amount that Congress xan give to every indiviual of the country yearly,so you will get Rs.6000 per month,₹72000 a year and more than ₹ 3 lakhs in the coming five years from Congress government in Bank Accounts and in this way around 5 crores families in the country will get Rs.3 lakhs each in 5 years from Congress, but that amount will be deposited directly to the females in the family.
“Gandhi further said that so far no country’s government has given any direct money to its citizensand this will be for the firstime in the political history of India that its citizens specailly the poor ones will get money from the government deposited in thier bank accounts,and why it is doing so as Narendra Modi has deposited cash only in the bank accounts of the thief like Anil Ambani i will get money transferred to the needy people in the country.
You have suffered a lot in last few years,things like demonititation,Narendra Modi has given Rs.26000 crores during Raffel deal,took away the contract from Hindustan Aeronotical Company and given it to him Ambani,this Chor Anil Ambani has not paid the loans of Rs.45000 crores but if a poor farmer fails to pay back a small loan of Rs.20000 than he would be lodged in jai,we have taken decision that the law will be changed after 2019 Lok Saba Election, which state that no farmer will be sent to jail in non payment of loans, and you want that the farmers will go to Jail than first you should send the Chor Anil Ambani, Mehul Choksi,Neerav Modi and Vijay Malya behind the bars,Gandhi added.
“I have come up with yet another historical decision for the tribal youth of the country,at present if any tribal youth wants to start a new business he has take rounds of government departments for its registration, but after 2019 Election no one has to waste thier time visitinf to government departments he could directly start his business and once it will get settled he has to do the paper work after 3 years of its inseption, Modi ji has promised to give jobs to around 2 crores youth of the nation but failed to do so because it was lie, but i will not make any such fake promise, there 22 lakh government jobs are lying vaccant and i promise that we will fill that 22 lakhs vaccancies within a year”, Gandhi claimed.
” I came here today not to lie infront of you but to built a relationship with you, but Narendra Modi ji where ever he go he lie, he say what ever comes to his mind he speak be it providing jobs to 2 crores of country’s youth,be it erradicating corruption, but here i will do what i have said,Gandhi said while adressing the Public Meeting at Bedeshwar on Tuesday ahead the Lok Sabha Election 2019.



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