Raj woman travelled from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on an Activa for empowering women.

Neetu Chopra of Udaipur get a world record registered on her name by becoming the first woman to travel a distance of 4600 kilometers in 18 days on an Activa (scooter) from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Hailing from Balotra, Neetu done her  graduation from Udaipur since than it has become her second home.After getting the record on her name she wrote on facebook wall “if you really want change than keep on taking small steps ahead, change is a process, and not a destination that we will stop uoon reaching there “.

“This achievement is of my family who never stopped from doing anything, this achievement is of my relatives who trusted me this achievement is of my village who respected my thoughts, this achievement is of my teachers who always guided me and this is an achievement of my entire society who cared for  and is of my freinds who always believed me”.

While talking to DU Chopra said “It was the incident of Hyadrabad Gang Rape where a veterinarian was raped and murder which inspire me for the ambitious mission,it was the time when the rape happened and the entire nation was angry over it,here at my village my parents and relatives were worried and started stopping me from starting the journey on my Activa as the victim girl of Hydrabad rape was also raped by the accused by faulting her scotty, but this in stead of stopping me boosted me with confidence and i have decided that now by travelling on an activa i will prove the world that women are not less than anyone and strong enough”.

“I started my journey from Udaipur on my two wheeler to Kashmir and again started moving towards Kanyakumari from there on the same vehicle on 15th December”, said Chopra.

Neetu Chopra with her Activa

“I use to cover 300 kilometers in a day hold for rest but never stayed in any hotel as i want to want meet people and share their experiences of life”, Chopra added. 
“In this male dominated society the women are usually told not to travel in dark, with the help of my nation-wide  i want to motivate women to use public spaces even in odd hours without fear”, said Chopra.
With the theme ‘Ride for Revolution’ Chopra shared her experiences with women at villages, at seminars and also taught self defence techniques to the women”.

The 29 year old woman covered the distance of over 4000 kilometers in 18 days, she started her journey from Ramban in Kashmir to Kanyakumari in Tamilnadu with a motive of encouraging the women.In college day she was associated with NCC and had attainded special training of self defence, besides that she is also working for women empowerment from years.She further said that she always being  adventurous once she travelled to Ahmedabad from Udaipur on her old Activa with one of her freind, that was the day that she started her two wheeler journeys, than she been to her native village Balotra from Udaipur on her Activa in 12 hours.

With this she has become the only woman in the world to travel such a long distance on an Activa(scooter) and has got her name registered in the Champions Book of World Records.

Chopra runs an NGO in Udaipur for the recreational activities and to support the local artists and also runs an event management company but now she wants to start an academy to train young girld in self defence. 



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