PTI arrested, Sent to judicial custody for writting love letter to female student.

Prem Singh Chundawat the  Pyhsical Training Instructor (PTI) of the Government Higher Secondary School of Chansda village of Udaipur has been beaten up by the students of the same school for allegedly misbehaving with one of the female student.

Chundawat was later arrested by the police after getting a report against him and was remanded to Judicial Custody for 14 days.
After the arrest the accused PTI confessed that he had handed a slip of paper with ‘I Love You’ written on it.

The accused has handed over the slip of paper to the victim two days back but it was when she shared it with her friends that the student got annoyed over the incidence and trashed the teacher for his act. 

A case has been registered against the teacher under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) at Kurabad police station of the district  and an investigation has been launched, said Chenram Station House Officer.

SHO further told that according to the victim’s  report the teacher has misbehaved with her and handed her over a slip having ‘I Love You’ written on it on Tuesday but she shared it with her freinds on Wednesday after which students got annoyed over the incidence,they first informed the senior teachers about it and later trashed the PTI themselves.

Soon few other female students also came forward and complaint about the PTI for misbehaving and harrasing them also.

They also told police that the accused handed over love letters to atleast 4 female students earlier and often use to harras them, even some of the students were in depression and stopped coming to school following the behavior of the accused PTI.

On the other hand reacting over the incidence the Education department has suspended 4 teachers including the Principal of the school for supressing and hiding the incidence from the department.

The accused PTI is sent to judicial custody and the investigation, said Chenaram. 



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