Project “Protect Panther Starts at Udaipur.

After an in human incidence in which a young leopard was targeted by the people of the area that has strangulated him to death, various wildlife conservators and activists came together to save the four legged animal for being targeted by humans.



 This is to be considered that the incidences of human – leopard conflicts has increased in Southern Rajasthan, in such a situation the “Protect Panther” projects came up with an idea to educate and to develop an awareness about animals especially Panthers among the rural people.


 Padam Singh Rathore of Wild and Street Animal Rescue Society (NGO) informed that as per the records around 40 leopards has lost their lives in a year either in road mishaps, human attacks or starvation. The animal is getting attracted towards human colonies in search of prey and water as due to continuous lose of forests they have lost their habitat and not getting an appropriate place to get food, as a result of that they started straying and moving towards villages.



Rathore added that under their “Protect Panther” project they will visit to various villages especially those surrounded by forests and will spread awareness of protection of wildlife and their importance in one’s life. They will conduct educational seminars and workshops to educate the people about the behavior the Big Cats and how to deal with them if one enters in their village.



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