Prince Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar of Udaipur bags Guiness World Record.

The erstwhie prince of Mewar Royality Lakshayraj Singh has won a Guinness Book Record for a campaign that collects clothes 3,29250 clothes for under- previlleged and needy people from over 76000 donor across thd world.

The campaign reached out to over 120 schools,15 colleges and around 30 NGOs during tjr campaign period.

While talking on the occasion Lakhyaraj Singh said” Not only me,but the VastraDan  campaign has won the record .I dedicate this award to the sheer beauty of a human heart,the spirit of brotherhood and the deep connect that Udaipur has for all its citizens “.

He further added “I started the campaign an annual affair and belives it instils the dedication and disciplines of giving.This i belives ,is a hallmark of culturally rich,stable amd morally sound Society”.

” We had an overwhelming response from across the world,we have started with a small donation reached 3,29250 within few monthes.

Rishi Nath the Adjuidicator of Gunniess World Records said ” Today i am here for adjuidicate a new record of biggest clothes collection, i am proud to be associated with it, it is a bench mark with 3,29250 clothes, earlier record was hold by Dubai 295122 articles in 2016 but it has been beaten by Udaipur “.

Lakshyaraj said that the donation came from 12 countries including Australia ,USA,Oman,Sri Lanka and UAE.

The campaign with the name  that was started on January 15th 2018 continued for 3 monthes with a help of 1700 voulenteers across the world,80 drop points were set up in India and across the globe,said Singh.



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